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Halewood shows a remarkably steady hand, creating a cohesive vision of the future and shooting it with style to spare.

- Oscar Goff, Boston Hassle.

DIVISION 19 is well-crafted, powerfully acted, and hums with contemporary resonance. It asks a lot of its audience, but then that’s the film’s point. What are we and where are we heading, if we don’t think for ourselves?

- Brian Viner, Daily Mail

Division 19 hits this idea in a truly unique fashion with a smattering of suspense and is overall an incredibly smart thriller...highly figurative and truly original. I cannot recommend this film to you all enough, especially if you are dystopia nut who is looking for the next best visual representation of what could happen if we continue down the path we are on. There really is just so damn much to love here.

- Ron Trembath, Train Wreck Society

With its fast-paced editing and frenetic action sequences, Division 19 should hold the attention of sci-fi fans with its thought-provoking look into a world on the brink of implosion. The style of the film works to its advantage, the futuristic elements both frighteningly plausible and even humorous at times. With its layered plot and its depiction of a future that does not seem too distant from our present-day reality, the film requires careful attention and thought. For audiences willing to put in that effort, the pay-off is more than worth the time.

- Josh Hancock, Morbidly Beautiful

Division 19 is a film about the downtrodden, the effects big business has on the middle to lower class and what it looks like when we resist. It is beautifully written, masterfully executed from dialogue to character development and perfectly captures the pulse of current society with a futuristic twist.

- Wesley Collins, Red Carpet Crash

The ideas that drive this film are definitely interesting ones. Hardin is a great metaphor for all of us living in a technological age; a man whose privacy is sacrificed for the sake of corporate greed. In fact, his lack of privacy isn’t even a decision he makes, which is increasingly becoming the case even more in our real world.

Division 19 is like a combination of the Truman Show, Hunger Games, and the Purge all mixed into one. What it does well is present a case of urgency for something that’s a problem now.

- Robert Mendoza, Geekisphere

The film’s use of practical effects, set designs and real locations are a breath of fresh air. It gives Division 19 a level of grit and realism. The writing is smart and darkly satirical. Halewood manages to handle the topic with a level of nuance that’s unexpected and shows her talent as a writer. It’s worth a watch

– Dustin Kogler, Your Entertainment Corner

As a cyberpunk sci-fi thriller with notes of even westerns towards the end, Division 19 certainly looks stylish, and from the dialogue, it is obvious that S.A. Halewood has a voice and view on the modern world.

- Adrienne Reese, Horror Buzz

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