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While our morally bankrupt government need lawyers to tell them whether it's acceptable for a first world super-power with nuclear capabilities to bomb a blockaded, starving nation, which has no army, air force, navy and no means of defence or escape, we as responsible adults can make a stand, by refusing to be complicit in these actions of our government. Many in Israel question why now? Why the silence over Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen?


Two million people on the streets of London and millions around the world who marched against an imminent invasion of Iraq built on lies, is not silence. Millions more marching against the invasion of Iraq and writing to their MPs is not silence. Legal challenges that found the government broke the law over arms sales to the Saudis, is not silence. Make no mistake, if this was WWII and there was drone footage pumped 24/7 from the camps of Dachau, Buchenwald or Sachsenhausen, we’d be out on the streets. And the government still wouldn’t be listening.

No to funding wars of aggression – not today, not ever.

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